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Alternative Treatment in Utah

Addiction is a complex disease that involves physical, mental, and behavioral components that must be addressed by treatment if the addiction is to be successfully managed. While many addiction treatment centers in Utah feature traditional addiction treatments, increasing numbers are also offering alternative treatment that has shown positive results for the long-term addiction recovery process. Alternative treatment in Utah provides addicts with added options for support, and many count them as among the most compelling forms of treatment they receive.

Alternative Addiction Treatment: Overview

Alternative addiction treatments have been developed to provide additional support for addiction sufferers. Some addiction sufferers may not respond as optimally to traditional evidence-based treatments as they do to alternative therapies. Some sufferers simply find that participating in both traditional and alternative forms of therapy supports their recovery in tandem. Some alternative programs could certainly be called evidence based in the future after clinical studies have been carried out, but for now, these programs simply provide a promising alternative for addicts when it comes to treatment.

What Are Some Forms of Alternative Addiction Treatments?

Moral Reconation Therapy, or MRT as it is dubbed, is a highly structured alternative treatment program that supports participants as they learn to adopt life-changing ideas and strategies that can ultimately support them in their quest for long-term sobriety. MRT emphasizes strong self-identity and positive behavior, in order to help addiction sufferers overcome negative thought and behavior patterns.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy pairs addiction sufferers and horses. Advocates of equine therapy believe that animals can play an important role in addiction recovery. During therapy, an equine therapist teaches participants how to care for their horse by taking incrementally increasing responsibility for it. Responsibility is a key feature of equine therapy. By learning new methods of self-discipline, participants can ward off their triggers and prevent relapse.

Art Therapy

Many addiction sufferers are uncomfortable discussing themselves verbally. In particular, many patients with a dual diagnosis often find that using alternative forms of communication, such as art, can be highly cathartic. Dual diagnosis patients with post-traumatic stress disorder may find that this alternative treatment in Utah is especially helpful. During art therapy sessions, participants use the medium of art in order to express their feelings and thoughts.

Music Therapy

Similar to art, music can be a compelling vehicle that guides addiction sufferers along the path to long-term sobriety and recovery. Instead of art, participants use music as a medium by which to express their thoughts and feelings. Moreover, playing an instrument requires focus and self-discipline, two elements that can serve a sufferer in their future life, post addiction.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga has become an increasingly popular alternative treatment in Utah. Yoga promotes both mind and body health. Proponents of the therapy suggest that the cultivation of mindfulness leads to an improved sense of self control and calm. When a person is balanced and calm, they are better able to manage triggers and prevent a relapse. Many sufferers continue to practice yoga long after their initial course of addiction treatment, because it provides several benefits to their lives.

Seek Alternative Treatment Today!

An addiction treatment center in Utah can help you select a course of addiction therapy that is ideal for you. If you are interested in a particular type of alternative treatment, you will be able to find out where it is offered in your region. Whether you select a combination of traditional and alternative treatments, or are transitioning from a traditional program to an alternative one, you will benefit from what alternate forms of therapy have to offer. Each of these programs has the potential to help you manage your addiction successfully and for the long-term. For more information about the benefits of alternative treatment, dial an addiction specialist today.